About The Vice Presidency

The Higher Education Council, during its 47th session on 8/27/1428 AH, and with Royal Approval No. 8626/AD on 9/27/1428 AH, officially approved the establishment of the Northern Borders University vice presidency.

Dr. Ayed bin Ayedh A-Ruwaili
The Vice President

Vision and Mission


The University Vice Presidency aims to achieve the goals by striving for a model solution. Locally, they seek to implement innovative work methods, while globally, they aim to elevate the University Vice Presidency to high standards by creating plans and conducting research that aligns with international standards. Additionally, they aim to enhance the efforts to elevate the university to advanced positions in global academic classifications.


Achieving leadership in the educational and research fields through continuous development of skills improving performance, and fostering an environment that promotes societal values and academic culture while staying current with information advancements through modern technology.



The University Vice Presidency aims to foster the overall progress of academic, administrative, and service departments in the university by using modern concepts, expertise, and global best practices. 

There are precise goals that the University Vice Presidency seeks to achieve, which are summarized in:

- Establishing mechanisms for sustainable development and global alignment. 
- Developing strategies to enhance services for university staff, thereby improving service delivery to stakeholders. 
- Striving for comprehensive quality excellence. 
- Enhancing relations between university stakeholders and employees.


Quality Policy

The University Vice Presidency aims to lead its programs and create an environment that enhances human knowledge across various disciplines. It strives to achieve innovative scientific and practical advancements at a high standard of service quality to meet the needs and aspirations of beneficiaries, including faculty, staff, and students. The Vice Presidency is dedicated to realizing its objectives by attracting talented individuals, offering them conducive working conditions, and continually developing their skills through training. It emphasizes active participation, cultivating teamwork, and providing necessary resources to attain and enhance these goals, ensuring ongoing enhancements in the quality system. Moreover, the University Vice Presidency commits to complying with ISO9001:2008 international standards, periodically reviewing its provisions to ensure continual quality system improvement. Staff members of the University Vice Presidency and its related divisions recognize the significance of collaborative efforts and adherence to quality standards in their work and interactions with the public. This commitment aims to fulfill the quality system's goals and deliver exceptional services benefiting the community.