About The Vice Presidency

In accordance with the administrative decision issued by His Excellency the President of the University No. 42000002, dated 08/23/2020, and administrative decision 422001257, dated 06/08/2021 to renew Administrative Resolution 422000002, regarding the powers, competencies, and liaisons of both the university President, and the university’s Vice-Presidents, and whomever the Vice-Presidents delegates with duties and responsibilities.

Dr. Ayed bin Ayedh A-Ruwaili
The Vice President

Vision and Mission


The Vice Presidency aspires to provide model solutions by achieving desired goals. Locally, we utilize the latest work methods. Globally, The Vice Presidency aspires for excellence by developing plans and studies that conform to international classifications and spare no effort to elevate the University’s academic ranking among world universities.



Achieving leadership in education and research through continuous skills development and performance improvement, and providing an ideal environment that embeds societal values, and academic culture, and keeps pace with technological development using modern technological means.



The Vice Presidency’s goals focus on the overall development of the University's academic, administrative, and service departments with the utilization of modern ideas, mechanisms, and global experiences.

The precise goals of The University Presidency:

  • Create mechanisms that ensure development continuity and keep abreast of global changes.
  • Develop strategies to improve services for all NBU staff to better serve beneficiaries.
  • Strive to reach total quality management.
  • Improve the relationship between beneficiaries of the Vice Presidency’s employees.


Quality Policy

The University’s Vice Presidency seeks to lead with its programs, and provide an environment that enriches human knowledge to produce innovative scientific and applied contributions and quality services that meet beneficiaries’ (faculty, staff, and students) requirements and satisfy their expectations. The Vice Presidency is committed to achieving its goals by attracting distinguished human resources and providing them with a good working environment. It tries to continuously develop its employees continuously, encourage their participation, and raise their team spirit. The Vice Presidency provides the resources needed to achieve its goals and ensure continuous quality improvement. The Vice Presidency also complies with the International Organization for Standardization’s requirements (ISO9001:2008). It reviews its provisions periodically, thereby ensuring the continuous improvement of quality. The Vice Presidency’s departments and staff recognize the importance of concerted efforts and adherence to quality standards in their daily work and practices with beneficiaries to achieve desired outcomes of performance quality.